Fabric compensator
  Main Material Composition
  Textile compensator is made of silica gel fabric (florin) of good performance, polyester, glass fiber fabric without alkali, superfine glass fiber with good character of warmth keeping and thermal proof and silicon acid aluminum wool and other material, and made by special work craft.
  Product Character:
Big compensation capability: The same compensator can meet the demands of multiple dimensions compensation of system.
No reverse power: due to the softness by its own material, it can absorb the thermal expansion power of the last tube without any exceptions, and will not transmit this power to the next tube.
High temperature proof and erosion proof: the silica gel fabric (florin), glass fabric and polyester and other materials used have good performance of high temperature proof and erosion proof.
Sound killing and vibration proof: fabric textile and other non metal materials have good character of sound killing and vibration transmitting proof, so that they can efficiently deduce the noise and vibration caused by boiler, air machine and other equipments.
Installation errors of compensation system
Good performance of tightness
Simple construction, light weight, easy installation and maintenance.
Low price and high cost performance
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