Metal wave compensator
We design and produce metal rippled expansion joint in compliance with GB/T12777 standard, and we have advanced design, reasonable construction and easy installation, our products have properties as three-dimensional compensation, high and low temperature proof, high voltage proof, erosion proof and fatigue proof. Our products are widely used in industries, such as electric petroleum, chemical industry, steel, metallurgy, mechanics, light industry, ship building, construction and pharmacy.
  HTB:Normal pressure:0.1—2.5Mpa     Temperature:-20—400℃ Fatigue life:3000
  They are mainly used for axial thermal displacement compensation of tube, or vibration proof and noise killing  
  the flanges are normally produced in compliance with JB81-59.
  Please ask us for technical documents (same as below) for detailed selection.
  HLB:Normal pressure:0.1—2.5Mpa     Temperature:-20—400    Fatigue life:3000
  Can compensate horizontal displacement (without internal pressure and push) at any directions;
  Used for thermal displacement compensation of tube of L type and Z type
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