Taransmission principle dreawing of flluidized transmitter
1、Feeder step:
2、Pressure step:
The flying ash will enter into transmatter when inlet valve is opend,gas inlet valve and gas outlet valve are shut .And when ash level is higher Until to contact with teminal in feeder-level meter,feeder-level meter will give a signal and pass controlling system to end feeder step.
The comoressed air will uniform enter intl transmtter through fluidized tray when air inlet valve is opened,inlet valve and outlet valve are shut.The pressure will increase.flying ash will uniform be fluidized.When the peessure of transmitter is higher until to upper limit of switch,outlet valve is shut ,end this step.
3、Transmission step
4、Blowing and clearing step
When inlet valve is shut ,gas inlet valve and outiet valve are opened ,the gas and ash mixed will enter into transmission pipe.until to ash strorehouse During transmission process,the transmitter will remais smcoth outprt pressure.When flying ash completed transmission and the pressure id dropped a below limit.end transmission step.
When inlet valve is shut ,gas inlet valve and outlet valve are opened,the compressed will clear remnant in transmitter flying ash and transmission pipe.The blowing and clcating process is controlled by time.The gas inlet valve and outlet valve are shut .inlet valve is opened after completing blowing and clearing step and to reset feeder step.
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